Author: Valerie Jauregui/Thursday, May 23, 2024/Categories: Quinton Anthony

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" - Helen Keller

To pay tribute to the late Sarah Cuzner and to reflect on a life filled with love and compassion, we were proud to have established a group-wide annual Community Day following her passing in 2023.

Falling on her birthday, 7 May, our team harnessed the act of giving, paying homage to Sarah by collectively giving back to a meaningful cause.

Sarah became the first employee at Quinton Anthony in April 2007 and remained with the business for over 10 years. Her trust and bravery to join, followed by her significant and enduring contribution to our business, will never be forgotten. We would simply not be the business we are today without her.

This year, our Sydney team partnered with Good360 Australia - an organisation bridging the gap between brand-new unsold goods that would typically have gone to waste to those in need - creating a circle of good where everyone benefits.

Our group spent a fun and rewarding day at the Australian Re-Distribution Centre. We sorted through 5 pallets (approximately 80 boxes) of donated goods and packed 152 boxes while our national remote team spent the day at schools and partnering with other local and national organisations.

Having touched so many lives for the better, we hope this initiative will continue Sarah’s legacy and ensure her impact on the community lives on.

We would also like to thank Sarah's wonderful family for their support throughout the process. Below are a few words from Sarah's brother, Matthew Cuzner, that we wanted to share.

"For those who didn’t know Sarah, she was an extraordinary person who spent the bulk of her adult life helping improve the lives of those who needed help the most.

Thanks to all of you for your time and energy today helping others and continuing the work that Sarah would be so chuffed to watch from afar. The world was a better place for having Sarah in it, and days like today see that continue. So, lots of love and gratitude from the Cuzner Family."