From one-off consulting projects to ongoing HR and Talent Management support, we partner with you to deliver a complete range of HR solutions
that address the specific needs of your business.

HR Outsourcing

Regardless of scale, all organisations deserve peace of mind when it comes to managing their people.

That is why we offer our QA Cover service - a complete HR support solution that safeguards your business and ensures operational stability. With unlimited workplace advice and regular HR compliance checks, we provide essential HR support across the construction, engineering and property sectors to protect your business and help your team navigate operational HR challenges as they arise.

Whether you are a small or large business owner or executive, our comprehensive HR solutions service provides you with the reassurance and freedom to focus on what matters most - developing your business.

 *up to conciliation stage for claims of unfair dismissal, general protections, bullying and harassment

Quinton Anthony Consulting have always provided personalised and reliable support across all areas of HR.

Head of People & Culture, Multi-Award-Winning Architecture & Design Practice


We are part of your team.

With direct industry experience, our accomplished HR specialists understand your business and your people. In addition to providing industry insights and benchmarking, we deliver projects that respond to workplace challenges that benefit your business by driving productivity, creating value through organisation design and improving employee experience.

  • Business Start Up
  • Remuneration and Incentives
  • Organisation and Job Design
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • HR Software Analysis
  • Talent and Capabilities
  • Employee Experience


Our Talent Management solution delivers value for your organisation by retaining and developing internal talent whilst identifying the right external candidates.

We tailor the solution to enhance productivity and generate business value through people, processes and technology.

The Talent team are supported by experts in employee experience, diversity, strategic sourcing, remuneration and incentives, ensuring you have a compelling employer brand in a talent-short market.

Introducing Talent Management has improved the overall candidate and hiring manager experience resulting in high quality talent being secured and significant cost savings achieved.

People Relations Manager, Major Construction Company

Workforce Engagement

With years of relevant industry experience in industrial and employee relations, we can provide practical operational support as well as advising on the Employee Relation strategy for your business.

We can provide ongoing support in the following areas:

Advice on the application of the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards and National Employment Standards, Building Code and State-specific requirements
Negotiating workplace agreements with employees and unions on your behalf, including project-specific Industrial Relations management
Developing employee relations strategies, including reward and benefits plans and internal recognition programs to help retain great teams
Specific construction and engineering support such as reviewing tender submissions and helping you draft project documentation